Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Hi everybody

Trying out a new style lets see how it pans out. I've uploaded some videos on youtube they are going to be embedded below the cartoons ought to be above and you should get the jist from all that if it works out.

OK the WAG (Welsh Assembly Government) claim that they are all for bio-diversity yet when they have a problem like TB in Cattle they have to eradicate the species they claim is causing the problem even though there are those in the know who claim that this may not necessarily be the case.

Really it all boils down to Commercial interest v Wild life or farmers interests over that of the badgers. So ok we all bellow STOP THE CULL and they go ahead anyway. What I would like to know is what are they going to do with the fur, that they get from the Badgers? Are they going to be turned into designer wear sold at auction and all the profits going into research so that in the future the Badgers can be inoculated in the Wild? Cos that seems like a reasonable solution to me. Given that there is no last minute reprieve for the creatures.

For all those opposed to the Cull but it goes ahead anyway will you support this by emailing the blog or the videos to Carwyn Jones First Minister at the WAG and say 'I agree with this proposal' as a subject header to your email. In anticipation thank you for doing that.

Also in these videos I have asked two questions and here they are.

1) What issues are there over human beings having milk form Cows that have been inoculated against TB?

2) What are the issues over human beings eating beef from cattle that have been inoculated against TB?

Is there any scientific evidence that it is likely to cause any medical problems in humans the way feeding then sheep brains did causing spongiformencephalopathy? or will the Teacher in school say 'Drink up your milk children and that way you will be immune to TB. Is'nt Science clever!' Cos its never bothered anyone about feeding cattle growth hormones to fatten em up quicker has it? Is that why people are so obese in America Crazydave? Who can say that or humungus portions when they do eat.

Also there is a little bit about the forthcoming election on one of the videos the environmental guerilla video, and I've been wondering about whether to shoot one of the julie morgan letter to my address under the person above's name. Aiding n Abetting election fraud Mrs Morgan. Seeing as the last time I mentioned that both flats were registered in the same name? and given that she has had so many emails from me and never lifted a finger, and still the parliamentary standards commissioner will not reply to my complaint of Malfeasance by her? Enough reasons to vote NO-TA none of the above at this Mays coming election I think Mr. Speaker Bercow don't you.

Right lets upload the final video to youtube for today ready for embedding here.


I've had the final years reading for my water charge now that I am on a metered supply. The total usage for the year is 13 Units I am expecting the water company to want to come and check the meter. It means that since I've been paying them £4.25 per week that I am now £44 in credit. This means that if its a hot dry summer I will be able to freely water the back garden now that I have stopped the cultivation of the front as the council my landlord refuse to help with blue barrels to collect the roof water from the front drainpipe.

It also means at these payment rates I am saving £351 per year that the Social security were paying on my behalf previous to the meter being installed. I really think that given I have questioned the charge since 1999 raised it with the welsh assembly since 2000 and not one of the so called great or good of either party would write the letter saying give this nutcase a single person charge, that is enough for the cops to get off their backsides and bring those malfeasance charges against them,that caused unnessesary hardship to Crazydave all these years.
Because that is what the Criminal Negligence shown by them to me has caused. Not just to you Crazydave but hundreds of thousands across the length and breadth of the UK, and yet they still sucker 43% of you all in to voting for them.

I sent the following email to the Neighbourhood Renewal Training People following an email update from them.

Hi Nikki

I have a blog site that might be usual to neighbourhood renewal, some of the sustainability ideas might be taken on board by you where my local council have made pretend they don't exist. You will have to forgive the language on some of the videos that go with the blogs, but when your consistently ignored it can make one a tad angry. All will be found at From the not so really Crazy dave.
All the best David Gabriel

You might like to do the same at and say that you think some of Crazydave's ideas are fantastic, and would like to see they promote them.

Time to send it to the Usual suspects Crazydave yep. I do like this page layout blogger dudes.
Remember for a full list of blogs go to Funny that I misspelt the URL for this blog missed the r out of Diversity and it reminded me of the word Divest yep there all for Bio-Divestity Crazydave, sure does seem that way kid.